Friday, March 6, 2009

Good news! I've finished my throw/target/look routine, which means that now I can move forward with any of my methods that need to have a target. This means that I'll be able to throw objects, shoot weapons and walk more than 1 tile at a time.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well, I've started over from scratch, mostly. I'm not worrying about the interface right now, though I'll soon embed everything inside of some swing panels so I can use the key listener. Anyway, I've got the tactical world working fine, a super-random level-generator, I can cycle between units, move them around, the inventory works, time units work, you can equip things and look at inventory, etc. I really need to spend a day going through my code to make sure it's commented well. for the time being, I scrapped the color capability in the display, as this is what led to my frustration last time. I'll worry about the display later, as it won't take very much changing for my objects to return colors in addition to their represented character. I'm in the middle of writing methods that actually allow for the unit to use/throw euipment that it's holding in it's hands.

I took the liberty of adding in extra 'stances', (standing/kneeling) so that now you can low-crawl, crouch (move while doing these things) run, and sprint... all of which affect how much TU/Energy is expended, while either increasing or decreasing your accuracy (and other things)