Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gainful employment, graduation, and TDD

A lot has happened since the last time I posted:

1) I graduated from Eastern Michigan University cum laude
2) My grandpa died during exam week, and I was able to thank him for his generous contributions towards my college expenses, assure him I'd graduate, and that I had some job interviews lined up.
3) I amazingly got a job after only a few phone interviews and 2 in-person interviews. The people I work with are pretty amazing and I've been employed since January 11th. I'm only just now starting to feel like I'm getting the hang of it; though I'm still learning so much every day.
4) I grew frustrated with being so exhausted in the evenings. I stopped working out, I subscribed to too many shows on Hulu. I brewed a few batches of beer
5) I became interested in test-driven development, while at the same time realizing that my x-com codebase had again grown very unmanageable.
6) I created an account at git-hub and set up gitgui with my eclipse install
7) I started rehashing my game using TDD. The going is slow, but I think it's very worthwhile.
8) I somehow borked my git-hub security hash. (I still need to fix this)
9) I started working and running again.

This is it for now. I'm still around, I still read, I'm still working on my game. It's just taking me a while to adjust to having a career job.


tormodh said...


Congratulations on your successes!

Keep writing tests, keep writing here :) Though I do know how it feels, working as a programmer does put a damper on coding for fun at times.

Love reading what you write here, it is brave of you. Or at least in my eyes. I'm a programmer by trade, and I do work on a roguelike/rpg thing a couple of weeks each year. Getting nowhere :)

Keep up the good work, when you feel like it. And keep writing tests, they are lifesavers (run them all the time)!

Condolences on your grandfather.


abagoforanges said...

Thanks for the words. I have a much smaller project that I started at work that I mostly code on while I'm eating lunch. I'm using heaving testing with it also. Yesterday I completely refactored it and swapping in key/value dictionary pairs for the generic lists I'd been using. It was nice to make all those changes, run my tests, notice that one of my tests was broken, and then fix it.