Monday, November 16, 2009


So, I've fiddled around with a few of my algorithms, and I've now got properly functioning light sources that cast shadows and are dynamically updated when things move through them. Here is an image of two agents on opposite sides of a bright light. You can see the shadows that they each cast.


droid factorial said...

So you have shadows. Nice. I look toward things sneaking around in the shadows. And forgetting to bring electro-flares.

Joshua Day said...

It looks like you're capping your lighting at 100%. Go ahead and let your lights be brighter and clip after multiplying instead of before. (Make sure that colors never have exactly nil red, green, or blue.)

You'll like how it looks.

abagoforanges said...

Joshua: That's actually a really good idea that I hadn't considered. I still haven't quite figured out how I'm going to have colors work... as far as how I'll choose the default colors. Also, I'm unsure if i want brightness and darkness to physically obscure the vision to the player, or be more of an ambient thing. Don't worry, players will be able to hide in shadows, etc; just that I'm not sure if I want brightness/darkness to make it hard to see things that the player can actually see. I do have an experimental method I wrote that can check to see if the foreground and background are too close in color.